Showcase of Art

Artists in the November 4 – 5, 2017 show

The show features an excellent array of art including jewelry, fabric art, metal sculptures, and gourmet food. We were pleased to host these gifted and skilled artists, and we think you will be impressed with their talents too. Check out their websites to learn more about their work.

Art by Namaste

Doris “Namaste” Kanz

  • scarves and wraps
  • silk and felted fibers

Beth Richman Jewelry

  • earrings and pins

Beth Wright Designs

  • home decorations

Blackwaters Metal

Bob and Melanie Delaney

  • garden art

Blue Moon Crafted Creations

  • mixed media and digital art
  • jewelry

Creative with Clay
Charon Sachar

Creative with Clay - Charon Sachar“I have lived in India for a significant part of my life where my mother ran a boutique designing clothes for brides and bridesmaids. The colors, fabrics, embroidery and designs I came across then have a strong impact on my work now.

My work also reflects my love for Bollywood movies and my fascination with life in India. I strive to give life to clay, decorating it with Indian influences keeping functionality and uniqueness in mind.” —

  • beautiful Indian designs on pottery vessels

Chris’s Country Essence

Chris and Ron Sienkiewich

  • candles: pure beeswax, wrapped in rice paper
  • cosmetic soap
  • honey


Alice McDonald

  • silk scarves
  • jewelry

Dana’s Personalized Gifts

Dana Leopold

  • personalized art
  • handpainted ornaments
  • pins
  • jewelry

Decker jewelry
Christy Decker

Decker Jewelry “Christy brings the ancient designs of the Middle East into the present day through her jewelry. Delicate yet strong these flowing floral, leafy and swirling designs symbolize the transformations we encounter through life.”   —

  • silver jewelry

Dragonfly Rocks
Carol Deutsch

Dragonfly Rocks - Carol Deutsch“DragonFly Rocks are a unique form of garden art that adds glistening movement to your garden. Carol’s art combines natural stone and glass inlays in the shape of dragonflies, hummingbirds, butterflies, fish, and more.”   —

  • decorated garden rocks

Dragonfly Creations

Leslie Renee Horton

  • star ornaments
  • mosaic
  • embellished boxes

Earth Art International

Sue Coccia

  • t-shirts
  • cards
  • journals
  • matted and framed art

Engayla’s Designs

Angela Ehrig

  • wearable art clothing
  • leather purses
  • belts
  • jewelry

Fisher Woodworking

Geoff Fisher

  • hardwood kitchen utensils

Friends with Sheep

Eva-Maria Barthel

  • fiber art

Everbloomin’ Flowers

Sandy Dahlberg

  • recycled glass and metal garden art

Soapworks Studio
Heidi Risse

“My soap bars are created in the time-honored cold-process tradition — cooked on a stove-top and stirred by hand. All of the products are made in small batches with great care, ensuring freshness, quality and the highest standards.” —

  • soap products

Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards
Brian Holmquist

  • hazelnuts: natural, roasted, and flavored

J. Nicoll Designs

Janet Nicoll

  • original designs in applique
  • aprons with coordinating towels and potholders
  • sweatshirts
  • polar fleece vests


Geri Flynn

  • fabric purses
  • bags for
    • travel
    • accessories
    • cell phones
    • computers
    • crafts

Klepper Glass

Heidi Klepper

  • lampwork bead jewelry

Kranial Komfort

“Creating warm and whimsical hats gives us great joy knowing it may put a smile on someone’s face while keeping little ears warm.” —

  • children’s hats

Krinkly Batiks

Ciara Concannon

  • clothing

La Pasta

Alessandro Stortini

  • pasta

Linda Skoe-Henry

  • centerpieces
  • wreaths

Linda Thorson Design

  • cast stone sculpture

Mar-Leah’s Linens and Glass

Leah Jacobs and Marian Borg

  • linens
  • glass

Mary Gibbs Art

'Lewis' by Mary Gibbs
“My watercolors are uniquely realistic, using bright colors to catch the viewer’s eye, from vivid foliage and floral, to architecture and domestic cats.”   —

  • watercolor art
  • tiles

Mi Casa Catering
Ken Selvedge

  • Mexican food: tamales, salsa

Nicole Mendonca

”Nicole is well known for classic and multi-cultural cuff bracelets for men & women in copper, brass, silver and many combinations of these metals.”   —

  • copper, brass, and silver cuff bracelets, rings, and earrings

OMG Olive Oils
Victor Henrie

“Just One Taste and You’ll Shout OMG! … our balsamic vinegar is the real deal. Imported from Modena Italy after being barrel aged for 12-18 years, it just doesn’t get much better than this. After we import the balsamic vinegar it is flavored with high quality, natural ingredients and then bottled in Napa Valley. Our olive oil is also the highest quality available.” —

  • flavored olive oils
  • balsamic vinegar
  • sauces and marinades

Paper Cut Kim

Kim Nickens

  • paper quilting
  • paper filigree

Phantom Leaves/Sage Designs
Michael Sage

  • skeletonized leaves beautifully colored and framed

Polar Babies
Kevin and Jessica Leiblein

  • polar fleece clothing for children and adults

Rain City Pens
Bill and Mary Freeborn

Wood products

  • pens
  • clocks
  • votives
  • ice cream scoops
  • bottle stoppers
  • candle holders
  • magnifying glasses
  • kaleidoscopes

Shasta Image
Johnny and Amy Ma

  • metal garden art birds

STILLFire Pottery
Carol Ann Bauer
Howard Hamsa

  • pottery
  • bowls
  • mugs
  • wall vases/li>

Suzanne de la Torre

  • clothing

Todd Brown Images

  • photographs of owls, raptors, song birds, water birds, corvids, and hummingbirds

Two Lips Originals
Charlotte and Daniel Decker

  • t-shirts
  • dresses
  • blouses


  • eco-friendly women’s and men’s t-shirts in hemp and cotton
  • skirts
  • bags

Viera Walls

  • jewelry

Waisted Belt

Sophie Wohlwend

Leather goods:

  • belts
  • purses
  • accessories

Whidbey Island Fudge
Jack and Rita Van Arnam

  • candy

Whidbey Woolies
Linda Lee

  • clothing

Wolff Designs
Jessica Rose Wolff


  • handbags
  • accessories

Woodring Northwest
Dale Nelson

  • jams
  • dessert toppings

Yurkanis Originals
Nan Yurkanis

  • journals
  • post cards
  • greeting cards